About the Founders

Esther and Pedro Rosenblatt

The story of Esther and Pedro Rosenblatt is a journey of love and resilience.

Pedro was born on June 23, 1927, in Nuremburg, Germany and Esther was born in Argentina on July 19, 1941. Destiny brought them together in 1961. It was love at first sight. They were married two years later and Esther moved to Brazil where her beloved husband had lived since 1936. As immigrants, the couple learned how to navigate in a new country, new culture and language. Despite recessions, ups and downs, they built a life with love and traditions. They had children, worked hard, and created a comfortable life. Through it all they had each other for support and affection. Unfortunately, in 2007, Esther lost her battle with breast cancer, too young, at age 66. Pedro lost the love of his life, which caused him to become secluded, distraught and depressed.

To honor his beloved wife, trying to create meaning out of his grieve, bring harmony to his life, and create a legacy, Pedro transformed himself into a philanthropist. In 2008, he created a foundation to support non-profit organizations in Israel working with children that had the same disease that took his great love. Pedro passed away in 2019.

Today, the Esther and Pedro Rosenblatt Foundation provides grants to organizations worldwide working with children with disabilities and illnesses.