Application Criteria

Qualifications for Application:

The Esther and Pedro Rosenblatt Foundation looks for the following traits in organizations considered for our support.

  • Organizations that have tax-exempt 501(c)(3) or equivalent.
  • Organizations working with children 0-18 with disabilities and/or illnesses looking to improve their everyday lives.
  • Educational programs for children with disabilities and/or illnesses.
  • Programs focusing on integrating children with disabilities into the larger society.
  • Innovative programs/projects.

Areas not supported:

The following are examples of programs/areas that are NOT supported by the Esther and Pedro Rosenblatt Foundation, to help you determine whether your organization could be a possible fit:

  • Church-related, legal, or political programs.
  • Individuals.
  • Fundraising events or sponsorships.
  • Programs that do not include children with disabilities and/or illnesses.
  • Administrative expenses not directly related toward programming/project.
  • For profit and/or governmental organizations.
  • Multi-year programs/projects.
  • Endowments and organizational debt reduction.
  • Capital campaigns.