Larger Than Life

Rosenblatt Foundation

On behalf of Larger than Life’s sick children and their families, the Kindergarten of Dreams team and all of us here at Larger than Life in Israel, allow me to express our deepest heartfelt gratitude for your generous donation to the Kindergarten of Dreams program. Thanks to the generosity of the Esther and Pedro Rosenblatt Foundation, we are able to complete our mission and fulfill the vision to establish a safe and empowering early childhood rehabilitating Educational haven for children with cancer in the Negev, and allow them to experience a normative educational and empowering childhood during their heroic fight with the disease Your kind support will also enable us to complete the building of this unique facility as the first educational center in the Negev built using strict standards of green construction, demonstrating the ‘Clean Outside and Healthy Inside’ approach for our children and for a better sustainable future. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to honor the legacy of the late Esther and Pedro Z”l, and for your solid partnership. With our deep appreciation, Larger than Life Family.