Meet Adi and Dan

Rosenblatt Foundation

February 20, 2022

Dear partners at the Ester and Pedro Rosenblatt Foundation,

Thanks to the generous support of your foundation, children from Ofakim, Dimona and Keryat Gat, (low income municipalities at the south of Israel) have the
opportunity to participate in the 3D Modeling and Printing program.

It is our great pleasure to share with you two success stories of our young participants, as was told by their instructors:

“Adi is from Dimona, a 6th grade student who had a difficult start. At the beginning of the year she was struggling with her studies, was very frustrated and even reached a point that she came to the activity reluctant. Whenever she had a question, I came to sit by her, and did my best to help her. The turning point was one day; she was in tears due to her frustration. I came to sit with her, telling her I am very proud of all her efforts, and that I can see how hard she tries and I admire her for that. She dried her tears and continued with the activity. I helped her with her programmed model. From week to week, our personal connection became stronger, she worked very well, and was proud of her results. Today, she takes an active part at the sessions, and it is clear that she’s in a different place, much better.”

“Dan is one of my students. He is a very special kid, with autism, that is having difficulties with fine motor skills. At the beginning of the year, he had difficulties with
building the models. He used to give up and say: “I have autism so I can’t do that”. I set with him, told him about myself, and I felt he opened up to me. Since then he
feels more comfortable with me, and it seems that he feels more comfortable to challenge himself with the different tasks at the activity. I can see that his approach
changed: he doesn’t give up, and his friends give him a lot of support. After insisting with him to try first, because the experience is as important as the success, I feel he learned that the process is also important and not just the end product.”